Why You Should Consider PRP Treatment

PRP Injections in Annapolis, MD

PRP Injections in Annapolis, MD

Widely used in European countries as well as in the US medical dermatological Cosmetic industry’s,  platelet rich plasma therapy injection has become more widespread within the podiatric and orthopedic realm.  It’s use can be directed in a multitude of ways from helping to rejuvenate tired facial skin to alleviating pain at a long-standing painful joint, tendon or ligament.

Known to increase activity at the targeted area, PRP is it fairly straightforward in office procedure that allows the client what patient to go home to same-day.

PRP Injections in Annapolis, MDPRP process in 5 Simple Steps

1. Blood drawn from arm or hand

2. Blood placed into centrifuge

3. Component parts separated platelet rich portions is extracted

4. Platelet Rich Plasma is injected into injured area under ultrasound guidance.

Achilles Tendon Injection


Specifically,  platelet rich plasma helps to increase collagen production and increase growth factors.

Even more so, PRP injections incur less downtime in comparison to surgical intervention and some other conservative care methods. This allows for an increase in quality-of-life and a more rapid return to daily activities.

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PRP treatments are not recommended for those with Clotting conditions that require blood thinners for those with blood related issues, but otherwise it is safe for almost everyone.