Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy for Foot and Ankle Injuries

The history of shockwave therapy use on human beings dates back to the 1980’s , a kind of old home fracture, what excessively performed in Belgium Germany. It was around World War II when the influence shockwaves on tissue was observed.The growing popularity throughout the United States and overseas for nonsurgical treatment options for foot and ankle injuries has brought shockwave therapy to the forefront of patient’s minds.

The primary difficulty remains the lack of coverage by insurance carriers for shockwave therapy when treating the foot and ankle. Thus, there is an out-of-pocket expense associated with this advance treatment therapy as well as others. Paris depending on where you are located in country, shockwave therapy this price between $500 and $2000. For some, the price range comes as a sticker shock and may be off-putting. But when considering the cost of several doctors visits, physical therapy, travel time and treatment timeframe most people come to realize that this treatment option actually costs less.

Patients come to office weekly over the course of approximately weeks. The therapy can be delivered in approximately 10 to 15 minute time frame while sitting comfortably. Shockwave therapy settings are able to be adjusted based upon level of comfort. With the ability to deliver advanced therapy care in the office without the use of anesthesia many patients are finding shockwave therapy to be a better option in comparison to traditional treatment methods.

The added benefits of shockwave therapy include the ability to weight bear immediately and return to work as early as the same day. As patients are able to return to activities of daily life with 1-2 days.

How Does It Work

Shockwave therapy works by increasing new blood flow to tissues and initiating an inflammatory response. This is due to the secretion of growth factors or nitrous oxide after stimulation. Also, the stimulation from the shock wave helps to destroy unmyelinated sensory fibers, the type of fibers known to cause chronic pain.

Frequency Matters

Generally, the higher frequencies or doses presented to the affected area improve outcomes. The versatility of the shockwave machine, though, allows it to be used even in painful situations. By having the ability to lower the pressure, the effects of shockwave therapy can still be achieved!

With multiple applications, shockwave therapy maybe the solution for chronic pain from tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, myositis and other disorders of the foot, ankle and leg. Call 410-709-3177 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Harrison to learn more about this treatment and other advanced therapy options.