Foot Pain Treatment in Annapolis, MD

Foot pain can have many causes, and at the Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland, we are proud to offer effective treatments for many types of foot pain and foot injuries. These treatments are available to our patients in Annapolis, Glen Burnie, Baltimore, and the nearby areas of Maryland.

Foot Pain Treatment in Annapolis, MD

Types of Foot Injuries

Arthritis – There are many options for treating arthritis-related injuries in the foot, including anti-inflammatory medications or creams, CBD cream, and smart laser therapy. If these techniques don’t provide relief, surgical treatment may be necessary in rare cases. We may perform joint fusion to alleviate joint pain, or debridement to get rid of extra bone.

Bunions – Bunions begin to develop due to pressure on the outside of the feet that pushes the outer toes inward at the joint. Bunion splints, foot inserts, toe spacers, injection therapy, and pain cream can help manage the symptoms of the condition. In severe cases, bunion surgery will be performed to fix the deformity.

Foot Sprains – If you have sprained your foot, we will often use a cast or boot to protect the foot while it heals. Smart laser therapy can also be used to alleviate related swelling and pain.

Heel Pain – Heel pain can arise from a number of sources. In most cases, shoe modifications or custom orthotic insoles can help provide relief. Ice therapy, anti-inflammatories, steroid injections, pain cream, or a heel brace may also be used to reduce symptoms. For a more aggressive treatment, we may recommend smart laser therapy, stem cell injections, or PRP therapy.

Lesions of the Skin – If a lesion is discovered on the skin, we will remove it and send it in for a biopsy to determine if it is harmful. If it is determined to be harmful, we will completely cut it out of the skin to prevent it from growing back.

Plantar Fasciitis – Plantar fasciitis treatment is similar to heel pain treatment. We may also recommend physical therapy, home massage therapy, or shockwave therapy.

Stress Fracture – For a stress fracture, we will use an offloading boot to eliminate pressure on the foot as it heals. PRP therapy can also be an effective treatment.

Tendonitis in the Foot – For tendonitis in the foot, we may recommend pain or anti-inflammatory creams in addition to an offloading boot or brace. Smart laser therapy and PRP injections can also be effective.

Toe Injuries – Toe injuries may require a stiff shoe, boot, or casting to protect and secure the toe as it heals. In rare cases, surgery may be required to fix a fracture.

Toe Sprains/Dislocations – Toe sprains are treated the same as foot sprains, using a cast or boot to protect the injured toe. We may also use a splint that attaches the injured toe to a nearby toe, keeping it extended and secured as it heals.

How Much Does Foot Pain Treatment Cost?

The cost of your foot pain treatment at the Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland will vary depending on the extent of treatment necessary to provide you with the optimal results. The best way to determine the cost of your treatment is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Harrison, our lead podiatrist. We also accept insurance and financing options to make our treatments more affordable.

Hammer Toe Treatment

Hammer toe is a deformity that is occasionally present at birth, but is most often caused by arthritis or wearing tight shoes. With hammer toe, the toe curls downwards instead of extending forwards. In order to treat hammer toe, we typically use toe splints to straighten the toe in combination with massage techniques to alleviate tension and stress. In severe cases, surgery may be required.

If you need treatment for any of the foot injuries mentioned above, contact us today to schedule a consultation at the Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland. We are proud to serve the Baltimore, Washington, DC and Annapolis areas.