Doctor Recommended Foot Pain Treatment Products in Annapolis, MD

At the Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland, there are several products that we use on a regular basis and may recommend for you to use during treatment. These products help us provide exceptional care to the residents of Baltimore, Annapolis, Columbia, and the surrounding areas of Maryland.

What Are Doctor Recommended Products?

At the Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland, we use a variety of products in order to provide patients with effective care. These products include:

Calf Stretcher – A calf stretcher is a device that allows you to isolate the calf muscle and stretch it out without the aid of a wall or similar structure to lean against. It is great for individuals who extensively use their legs for activities such as running.

Bunion Splint – A bunion splint is placed around the big toe and the center of the foot to pull the toe outward, reversing the inward pressure that results in bunions. A bunion splint is a common form of bunion treatment.

Toe Splint – A toe splint is used when a toe is sprained or dislocated. It attaches the injured toe to a healthy toe next to it, keeping the injured toe extended and straight while it heals.

Metatarsal Padding – Metatarsal pads are placed underneath the balls of the feet. These can help improve the positioning of the toes and increase arch support to alleviate pain in the metatarsal area.

Ankle Braces – An ankle brace may be used to treat an ankle sprain or a related injury. Ankle braces keep the joint in a safe position to aid in healing and prevent future injury.

Knee Walker – A knee walker is a type of scooter that allows you to place the knee of your injured leg on a small pad while pushing around with your uninjured leg. This is a great alternative to crutches because it is more comfortable and offers greater mobility.

Anti-Fungal Cream – Anti-fungal cream is often used for toenail fungus treatment. It is a topical solution that destroys fungal infections.

CBD Cream – CBD cream is a topical solution derived from the cannabis flower, which can be incredibly effective for reducing pain from arthritis or other conditions.

Pain Cream – We may recommend a variety of pain creams to help you find relief from a painful condition.

Urea Cream – Urea cream is a great product for treating dry, cracked skin. Patients commonly experience dry or cracked skin on the bottom of the feet or on the heel. Urea can hydrate and protect the skin for stronger, healthier and smoother skin.

How Much Do Doctor Recommended Products Cost?

If any of these products are required for your treatment, they can be purchased in the office at the time of your treatment.  The best way to determine the full cost of your treatment is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Harrison, our lead podiatrist. We also accept insurance and financing options to make our treatments more affordable.

The Foot and Ankle Institute of Maryland is proud to offer compassionate, comprehensive podiatry services to men, women, and children living in Washington, DC, Baltimore and Annapolis, MD. Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation and take the first step towards happy, healthy feet.